Jane Goodall was born in 1934 and raised along the countryside

of England. Jane was fascinated by animals from the time she was

about 8 years old. Her mother would find her sitting quietly for

hours just watching and observing, this was quite remarkable for

such a young person. In 1957 Jane met Dr. Louis Leakey and he,

like with Dian Fossey, changed her life forever. Under his tutelage

she pioneered a long-term field study on the habits of wild

chimpanzees. She earned her Ph.D from Cambridge University.


In the summer of 1960 Jane began what has turned out to be

the longest field study of an animal in it's natural habitat. After

38 year of research, Dr. Goodall and her team continue gather

data and make significant discoveries about chimpanzees. Her goal

is as always has been to try to improve our understanding of our

world and the balance of nature. Jane wants us to understand how

important it is to be vigilent when it come to preserving our

environment. Like gorillas, chimps are close to extiction because

of poaching, hunting, and being sold for laboratory experiments.






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