These Web pages are dedicated to three remarkable female scientists.

Not only have they made a significant difference in our world, they are also responsible for helping preserve several different species of primates.

Their research has revolutionized the fields of primatology, ethonology, andanthropology.

These women are:



The following pages are a tribute to them, their gender, their work, and their determination to keep various species of primates from extinction.

Granted, these pages are but a brief introduction to their work. We encourage you to look for external links on the conclusion page...


Read on and learn more...

Dr. Jane Goodall will
be live on Internet Radio

12 PM - 2 PM PST
Sunday, April 18th 1999
on during her national lecture tour.  Carol
Asvestas from Wild Animal Orphanage will also be with her on Critter Connection to discuss their
preparation for accepting over 250 primates from research facilities in May.






conclusion and links

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