Closing Thoughts


These three remarkable women have dedicated their lives to making significant discoveries and achievements in the study of primates. They are all experts in their fields and have been pioneers in researching and providing unparalleled insights into the behavior of endangered wildlife in their natural habitat. Drs. Fossey, Goodall, and Galdikas are determined women who spent their lives using their education and making an impact.

Certainly they have made the most important contributions to environmental study and protection of primates. They often fought single-handedly to save these animals from extinction.The maximum number of chimps left in the wild is 250,000 and due to poachers, disease and counting methods it actually could be much, much less. At the turn of the century there were millions. For more info read an interview with primatologist Jane Goodall.

To continue researching these women and their valuable work in the natural sciences field use these links included here…

Dian Fossey


Jane Goodall


Birute Galdikas


JANE BIRUTE conclusion and links

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