Birute Galdikas was born in Germany in 1946, and raised in

Canada where she still resides 6 months a year. She is the

world's leading experts in the field of anthropology, and particularly

the orangutans the are indigenous to Borneo. Her entire academic

career has been at UCLA where she earned her Ph.D in Anthropology.

When she began her research, as with Jane and Dian, there was

virtually no accurate information about this very secretive animal.

Birute has spent the last 25 years studying these arcane, highly

intelligent creatures.


Like Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, Birute is concerned about

the extinction of primates and the poaching and selling of animals

for laboratory experiments. She has lived among these very

mysterious animals and has gained their trust and has become

a surrogate member of their community. Birute continues to make

revolutionary discoveries and educate people about habitat

destruction and the preservation of our planet.







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