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[click to see jim in action writing a new song]

click to see a 2 mimute real video of jimmy working on a new track late one night

Click To View A Real Video of Shotwell live @ Kimo's in S.F Sept. 2000 playing a benefit for the indy media center!


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Through You 1.2 mb

 from the 1995 Shotwell Coho debut  7"

Geneva Avenue Fallout 2.1 mb

 two tracks from the currrent split LP/CD w/ Miami

Sinking The Ship 1.3mb

San Francisco's Witherin' 500kb

 from the 1997 Celery Beef & Iron CD/10"

our SHOTWELL MP3 files are under 2 megs each and will download even on low bandwidth connections

Click For Selected Other Shotwell MP3'z now available from Mordam Records

Bonus MP3 Tracks

Geneva Ave Fallout : Miami MP3

Deja Vu 1.2 mb

Jimmy's Old X-Tal Demo MP3

Through You (Emotional Consumerism) 1.8 mb


Shotwell has recently visited George Horn at Fantasy Studios and mastered some new recordings done with Kevin Army ( Green Day, Mr. T etc.)for a new release to be out in early 2002...

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