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Like Hundreds of San Franciscans in 2000, Jimmy was officially served with a 7 day notice of eviction in early July and wasted no time finding much smaller digs in the same hood.

378 San Carlos in the heart of the Mission District is where Jim lived nearly 13 years and was a place with a lot of memories. Among the finest hours there included some wild keg party shows in the garage in the mid nineties. Shotwell actually formed there when Aaron from Cometbus was living nearby. Local Barkeep and MaxRR writer Pete Simonelli learned to play drums in that garage and eventually replaced  Steve Moriarty of the Gits. 

Hopefully the scoring of new digs will enable Jim & Co. to keep making music in S.F.  Unfortunately , SF as a whole is going through a rental space crisis, poor folks are losing and the band has itself lost two living spaces & two rehearsal spots in 2000. The latest debacle is the  closing of Downtown Studios which is forcing out some 500 bands at once...(Ed Note: I didn't even know we still had 500 bands left in town!)

Jim Lurking Outside A Citizen Fish Soundcheck In The Hoody Of doom

jim at home circa 98

Jimmy's been living in SF since the late 80's when he moved here from the midwest. He played guitar in a band called X-tal that released  3 albums with him involved on Alias Records. Jim grew gradually apart from the lighter college rock fare offered by X-tal and  joined Strawman with Tommy Strange in the early 90's. They toured and released a few records on Allied before parting ways. 

Jim always was and still is a friendly presence to those helping keep the underground alive. His green monster truck and maroon mini van's have hauled countless tons of gear and beer around the Bay Area and beyond. Never content to play by the rules, Jim has flourished outside the mainstream employment and musical scenes. A dedicated member of the Komotion International musical collective during it's early nineties heyday, Jim helped out with  shows by many bands including Pinhead Gunpowder, Citizen Fish, Sublime, Rancid, the Ex, Fifteen, Beat Happening, Fugazi and more. One night at the cajoling of the webmaster he even helped invent Punk Rock Karaoke between sets at a Bikini Kill and MDC show. His main musical influences are punk band's from the old school such as The Clash, Circle Jerks, Stiff Little Fingers, old Misfits , Ramones, and Johnny Thunders. All of the a forementioned became part of the Punk-araoke repetoire.

Jim, fascinated by most things that move fast is somewhat of a super 8 film aficionado. He's produced a couple lo-budget flix including Down On The Dime starring J.C hopkins (producer of Victoria William's latest CD  Water To Drink) and Shotwell : Under Law album length music video. He also is a great resource and can sometimes help locate cool old school film gear...


to contact him try his salvaged phone  mo-chine at 

415 648 2136



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