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Jimmy and his new 1999 cohorts are working under a veil of secrecy and rehearsing for upcoming tour shows. They recently appeared at SF Civic Center briefly as part of a Stop The War Rally with Iggy on Drums. New members for the tour include X-Files Pinball Champ Buzz on Bass and Mission records employee of the month Chris on drums. Late night rocking and rattling has been emanating from an undisclosed corrugated steel building under a freeway in SF. Stay tuned for more tour details as they emerge.

Shotwell "Celery..." CD available now

Through a link with CD Now, the Shotwell CD  "Celery Beef and Iron" is available  for purchase via this website for only $7.49. Broken Rekids released the disc via Mordam distribution in late 1997 and all profits benefit The San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness.

You can also order the Shotwell Coho 7"

via the Broken Rekids website.

Shotwell Looking to Tour this Summer

If you have an an interest in seeing Shotwell perform in your area, get in touch. The band is venturing out to play selected dates on the west coast this summer, but may travel farther if warranted by demand.

Hey..Win a SHOTWELL Toothbrush!

write to :  with your answers to the trivia quiz and you may be the lucky winner plucked from the first 50 correct entries.

Other stupid prizes include a SHOTWELL video,Fat Wreck-chords sampler CD, and a full color SHOTWELL promo poster.

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scroll down and peruse Pete's tour diary entry

and don't forget to buy the new CD or 10" put out by

Broken Rekids

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Pete's   Shotwell   Hell   Tour   File   !

in the spring of 1997 the gentlemen's punkrawk franchise club known as SHOTWELL went on a coast to coast tour for no apparent reason. The following link will take you there via Pete's tour diary.

get to Pete's tour diary by clicking the 7" cover

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