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for those of you sick of the real audio player and into fat cd quality downloads i found a cool MP3 Search Engine... y'all are welcome to try it...keep in mind the stuff you may find ain't exactly endorsed by the R.I.A.A ( oh well, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke...now gimme my remix beeeotch!!!)

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Aiding & Abetting
a digizine with about a billion reviews of underground bands etc.
Oxford University Sound Links
straight outta Oxford, comprehensive audio info & links in that educational stylee
live hip hop radio w/ real player...sunday nights "gospel hip hop"
DarkDante.com Mp3z
More of those wacky downloads for y'all...site not too cluttered w/ b-shit
yet another so called hacker elite top 50 blah blah but with a few Mp3's if you can stand looking for 'em amidst all the crap...
Underground Radio & Electronics
leto.net is a a cool new site devoted to micro-broadcasting and electronics issues
includes Michael Tchong's 25 page report "Music on the Net" overview
OM records
home of ASS-MAX,the digital beatbox
informal directory to the nebulous indie rock genre
turns up on world music DJ Doug Wendt's site
place to catch up on cool technoid stompers now r.i.p since 96
BAM mag's musicuniverse.com
covers industry news and links to Seattle's the Rocket
where the gay hip-hop scene emerges
the official site of Sublime, Ziggens, slightly Stoopid and other Long Beach Bands
Rock on line.com
the indie promotion directory...try it you wannabe!
swine at cow palace
a Dec 2 '97 piece by Ms.Summer Burke on the state of things Motley
A list of fan sites etc. to Rockford Illinois #1 band
Punk Rawk Graphix by V3ngeance
web graphix guy Ken Adams shows off his punk link banner gifs
rock & rap links
includes some nice link resources
a thorough minded german based repository of punk music knowledge
an audio streaming adventure in alt.music for you
Get Funkifized!
@ Tower of Power's unofficial fan page
the brit-pop outfit on David Byrne's label with the indian stylee
audiophile usa
for the consumate hi-end hi-fi consumer
King Coffee Radio!
named Brainwash after a fave Flipper Tune...Real Audio from Trance label founder & Butthole Surfer drummer...
addicted to noise
helped start the web/music interface in '93
a live streaming audio show from 96 w/BECK, NO DOUBT, EVERCLEAR etc.
the college music journal
Billboard Daily Update
Breaking Industry News From Billboard Mag
SHOTWELL, Celery Beef & Iron
DV8R built this Official Web Page for this Bay Area Punk Band
get some streaming audio pleasure into yer net life...
World Wide Warez
although plagued with pop-up adds this site can get you started on illicit download fun
revelution promo
college radio promotion firm featuring chat,links etc.


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