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Notes From Nowhere: 

Buzz reports on  recent  shows :


Richmond was
great with incredible bands. so was Asheville. Chattanooga was a good all day
punk show in the park with Jack Palance Band definitely the winners of the
day. We accidentally left some gear in Asheville so we had to break the no
doubling back rule. but still made it to Athens in time to play a great show with Exit 86 who are mighty nice folks. Next up Gainesville

 We were in Boston on June 1st. On the way to Bloomington the tire fell  off the van. We almost died but were saved by Ken's three wheel driving. Got towed to
our show in Bloomington and got to play. spent the next day fixing the van and got to Cleveland three hours after our show. We played anyway to the five people waiting for us as they threw furniture and lit off roman candles. That's about it for now.



Buzz + Shotwell

"The Feb Gilman show show went great. Aaron Cometbus played the first half of the set on drums then Antonio finished.
It was fun. I'm starting to book our next tour for May/June now so if interested bands , clubs etc. get in touch now, we'd appreciate it... the proposed route will head north towards Vancouver, then across the great plains states, We'll be in Boston by June 1st and then eventually south including tennessee and north carolina, florida, colorado, new mexico etc...."

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Smoking New Recruits Added For 2001
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  • The Shotwell's first CD  "Celery Beef and Iron" is currently available  for secure web purchase for less than ten bucks. Broken Rekids released the disc via Mordam distribution in late 1997 and all profits benefit The San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness.


    Pssst...No Idea Records in Florida has released a cool lil 4 disc 7" vinyl collection called: 

    DOWN IN FRONT (features Sweet Baby, Cleveland Bound D.S., Shotwell Coho...etc.) 4x7" from No Idea -  24 songs...some outtakes & unreleased stuff! all for only $7.00

      It's rare and hard to find anywhere but there... so click this link if you want ordering info


You can order the Shotwell Coho 7"

from via Broken Rekids site

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US Tour On Now!
May & June dates ongoing!

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CD VERSION new for 2001!


This limited edition release has already disappeared on vinyl, so the band has decided to make a CD available. You can have the disc shipped to you for just $10.00 from:

    Shotwell c/o Mission Records
    2263 Mission St.
    San Francisco CA 94110

    special web offer: send $14.00 and get two copies! just mention the website in your order!

Right Click and Choose Save to grab a quick free MP3 of: San Francisco's Witherin'

it's actually less than half a megabyte!

You can bet Shotwell will continue to be part of the planned actions to protest as artists are squeezed out of San Francisco at an accelerated rate. Buzz recently lost his home because he couldn't pass a retroactive credit check  nine months after moving in! 

As musicians and artists lose the ability to protect their lively hoods around town, SF is losing it's creative heart. There were lots of street and rooftop shows near the end of September 2000,(...more info at these links below...)


Sign the Petition!  to save SF's music scene.

SF Musicians finally start to get it : Years after Shotwell began their notorious series of street shows, now other SF bands have realized that to get attention in the economic and political climate of San Francisco they would have to take it to the streets... hence 09/23 Rock Out San Francisco -- A Day of Free Music! Brought on by the mass eviction at Downtown Rehearsal, representatives of the evicted bands began been playing outdoors & & negotiating with local property developers. Talk of a $750,000 settlement brews. $250,000 of it will be distributed directly to displaced musicians, and the remainder would be placed in a trust to build a rehearsal studio in the future. We'll see what actually happens...



Summer 2000, the band took to the road and attempted to play the big R.A.T.M/Ozomatli gig near the Staples Center during the Democratic Convention in late August.

Needless to say, the L.A.P.D were having none of it. Instead, Shotwell played for an annoyed audience of cops on motorcycles at 8th and Figueroa. The cops eventually unplugged the band's generator and followed the guys around for over an hour until they left the jurisdiction. Jimmy was amused to find that they preemptively  shut off public access to the La Brea tarpits just to prevent Shotwell from parking there and visiting...  

On May 1st 2000, Shotwell played the SF May Day actions in front of Citibank which is documented at this link. Also last spring Jimmy took his cohorts to DC for the WTO protests. WTO image is copyright Indymedia: They also played some sporadic road shows including one at Chicago's Fireside Bowl on 04.19.00

In late 1999 Shotwell played a generator show at the WTO in Seattle .( Ed Note: I of course couldn't make it to any of these shindigs because I was either busy working here in the Mission's Multimedia Gulch for an evil global entertainment empire, or gambling away my capitalist pig dollars along the sunny Redneck Riviera...c'est la vie)

So in order for you to read on about Shotwell's ongoing exploits, and accounts of their famous street shows I suggest you get a hold of one of the extremely limited 12" records out now. The Shotwell / Miami split was released in April 2000, I believe it is almost sold out. 

The record itself is a glorious split with the defunct band  Miami and features songs recorded by various Shotwell line-ups over the last couple years. The thorough booklet put together by Miami's Iggy Scam and the gang is a worthy souvenir in itself even without the rocking tunes.

The vinyl was released by No Records, Paul Barger's tiny Berkeley Based Label that recently dissolved after 4.5 years, ( read about it at  this link

Order an L.P today, quantities are extremely limited... The C.D or L.P of the above mentioned split release can had be for $10.00 including shipping from :

  • Shotwell c/o Mission Records
    2263 Mission St.
    San Francisco Ca 94110


Misc. Shotwell Products

12"'s 7"'s 10"'s CD's, VHS etc
are all available from  Buzz via the Mission Records address. The band appreciates your support...

Try calling the booking hotline @ 415 648 2136 for additional band info.




Y'all Stay tuned for more tour tales and details as they filter in...


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