hey there


it's time for an unusually personalized message from yer host 

the dv8r... uh, that's me...

the rumours surrounding my death are exaggerated as usual

one going around town recently had me living in the back of a punk rock record store...

although i have been living it up oh yeah

so that means 

i haven't really been keeping a daily journal of activities lately

but here's a brief frantic overview of sorts...it's been a busy fun filled few weeks in SF,

spring is in the air

and i have been stirring up the usual digital dust ....

debating taking a flakey dot-com jawb, and doing some freelance video and graphic design work lately

here's a beta page of a web site site i was working on last month


i am also debating heading down to San Diego for their Garden tommorrow...

I could us some fun in the sun in one of my fave towns... but fear i wil spend more than i earn...

but what's new about that?

SF Garden show was huge spectacle late last month with 70,000 people showing up to see assorted displays etc. I video taped it and could send some stills if i ever have time to archive shit...

i have been going to and filming lotsa shows... although passed on the kiss/nugent tour...

Although I did end up at some half-ass eagles concert awhile back after the nba all star game so that should suffice for weak bloated rock spectacles for this year...

i usually avoid da big ones but will probably be at the Warped tour on Pier 32 with lotsa bands i used to help out when they were teeny

like NOFX, Sublime guys , Green Day etc.

hmm as for this weak...

After I got back from my Saturday night bartender gig... where i served the usual batch
of directions, tips and stale jokes to sightseeing tourists drinking wine,

I made it down to Paradise Lounge in time to see Gary Floyd's new band Black Kali Ma last night... pretty heavy killer beer blast rawk...

even if they go a bit Skynyrd at times...

Features Bruce from Waycross ex-Assassins of God/Bomb on drums with JT from Spokepoker

lotsa other good shows and events on the docket for me lately so far this spring thing...

went to the  Ovarian Trolley reunion at Cyclone Space Benefit down by Third and Marin
along the Bay last Saturday, boozy waterfront bonfire, lotsa folks from my recent
past mingling about... Caroleen was huddled by fire, I threatened to throw in of course, then went to find beer before last call instead...Touched by a janitor featuring Kevin Thompson and Joe Goldring ended the show, Doug believed they sounded eerily like Gifthorse...

 Did some bad Coke into da wee hours with some loudmouth losers and regular riff raff at a local watering hole and just as I was hitting the sack was rousted Sunday morn to help prepare for a guerilla Bart station attack from
Jimmy Broustis and Co. His band Shotwell plugged into the muni shelter and
scared away the street preachers while a slew of punks and late night
salesman partied for over an hour in a loud sunset street spectacle...The sun faded
as our abrasive foggy summer chill set in as three bands alternated short
sets on joint equipment...They released a split 12" with one of the other
local bands and were joined by a female punk group from Seattle/PDX area.

Monday was the rambunctious chartered bus mayhem known as Popcorn Theater where my pal Cortez the Killer organizes a tour of secret spots in the Bay Area ... This time was a jaunt down to Half Moon bay by Moonlight where Butoh Dancers, Didjeridoo Players, Digital Artists and whatnot awaited us ... The bus ride is held monthly and costs about 15 bux and is always an enjoyable blast of loquacious ladies, liquor and laughter...Sometimes we go to junkyards, abandoned military bases, tunnels, wherehouses, parks, train tracks, whatever.. u never know if you'll see fire eaters, opera singers,musicians, jugglers,poets etc...

Tuesday was a Johnny Walker Scotch sponsored dinner tasting invite at The Spectrum Gallery so I took  Seth from Filth and his girlfriend Kim who owns my neighborhood watering hole The Hush Hush (formerly Naps II)...way tooo much fierce whisky around that shindig including the old codger in the kilt

Wednesday night I couldn't snake the security at the Regency Ballroom on Van Ness
and Sutter where LA based Latino funk faves Ozomatli were entertaining a
private Macromedia party. Meanwhile across town another dozen or so other events raged on from
Flaming Lips to Sleater-Kinney featuring Janet who dated Jeremy and was in Rovers for a few fun filled gigs back in da 80's...

But I headed down to another free party where Riffage . com had sponsored three nights
of free webcasted shows at the Great American including a night with Electric Frankenstein,
Street Walking Cheetahs( MC-5 guy Wayne Kramer's current young LA back up group) and local drunks The
Barfeeders. The only bummer was that cheap plastic cups forced me to crack three separate Tanqueray and Tonics in my bare hands before halway finishing any one of them. was Funny to see Squash (KUSF d.j x-Michael Dean girly folk) running about in her new
dot-commie role helping coordinating a very expensive NY based Broadway Video crew with crane
cams rented from Lorne Michaels to enable a Chatterbox style noisy punk
spectacle...The Barfeeders were loud and proud and held a party at their Webster/ Buchannan pad til it was indeed light outside
...Thursday headed out to see MixMaster
Mike and DJ q-Bert at anotha dot com spectacular (icast.com) with the Invisble Skratch
Piklz crew out on Barneveld...lotsa phillipino DJ squirrels getting geeky tweeky on the turntables while lackeys from Francis Ford Coppola's catering Company bestowed a plentiful buffet of various lasagnas, steamed mussels, meats and various veggies on us... popped several fresh mozzarella balls marinated in balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil into my hungry mouth... Drank plenty free Red Bull and Absolut til my balance was weak...
By Friday, Waycross was revving it up at The SF Eagle Harley Giveaway Night sponsored by Southern Comfort but the last few debauched days saw me chilling after work let out at 12am... I went up to Slow-noma and fought of a vicious cold which still has me reeling... but can't stop the rock!

So I was out all night drinking and stinking after the G.Floyd show and finally left the 500 Club around 8am this morn when i was falling asleep on my stool and the fat chicks in Day Glo poly vinyl playing pool weren't enough to motivate my eyes to stay open...

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what's yer deal?

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