40 oz. finally released on vinyl!

Sunny day!!!

"Sublime used sampling and vinyl during the making of '40 Oz. To Freedom,' " said Michael "Miguel" Happoldt, co-producer of Sublime. "So it's nice to finally have it on wax for the DJs."



A Press Release From Sublime:


ARTISTdirect (www.ARTISTdirect.com), the first music company to create artist-oriented retail environments on the World Wide Web, announced on January 26 an exclusive online offer of a vinyl edition of Long Beach-based group Sublime's platinum album "40 Oz. To Freedom." The special vinyl offer will be available only at www.Sublimedirect.com for a month prior to its general release.

"This is the first time a platinum album has been offered exclusively online before it reaches the record stores around the country, so ARTISTdirect is very excited to be a part of this unique offer," said Marc Geiger, principle of ARTISTdirect. "Vinyl is the oldest form of recorded music, and we are pleased to be able to work with Sublime to accomplish this."

Developed with the full support and cooperation of the surviving members of Sublime, SUBLIMEdirect (sublimedirect.com) delivers a complete line of products, including the entire Sublime music catalog, t-shirts, jerseys, posters, videos and other memorabilia. The store also offers " Internet-only" items such as autographed posters, musical instruments and online auctions. In addition, merchandise from the "Long Beach Dub All Stars," a new group formed from the remaining members of Sublime is also available.


  Editors Note:

The DV8R Zone is not affiliated in any way with Artist Direct, a company formed by LA Talent Agent Marc Geiger, Don Muller and others to exploit the merchandising potential of many top groups. They were a key force behind The Ultimate Band List ( www.UBL.com)  and the principle booking agents behind Lollapalooza and have helped create sales orientated websites for these artists:

http://www.stonesbazaar.com/ /









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