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Sublime's biggest commercial hit was "What I Got," which borrowed its infectious hook directly from Half Pint's 1980's dancehall classic "Loving." It's odd happenstance that Pint should tour with LBDAS this fall considering that Sublime didn't get initial permission for the use of Pint's "Loving."

In any event, Pint and the crew are all very good friends these days, and it showed last Monday night in Philadelphia during LBDAS' stop at the Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street. The boys started off the night with some light dub sprinkled with alternative and punk sounds from their new CD, Right Back on Dreamworks. After five or six tunes, they introduced Half Pint with a deserved amount of respect.

Pint came out to a significant crowd response, especially considering it was mostly made up of high school kids whose exposure to reggae was limited to Legend. He performed a number of his classic tunes, including "Greetings," "Level the Vibes," and "Cost of Living" as well as a new tune composed with the LBDAS titled "Pass It On." Pint's voice was golden that night, a lucky break since during the show I had been to last November, Pint's voice was horse from a straight week of performances. There's no doubt that Half Pint has one of reggae's most distinctive voices and that he's one of the most genuine artists in the industry; it's a great thing to see him being so well-received by a new generation of fans after what's already been an illustrious career.