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Da Prophet's Music Appreciation Class

Hawt Damn Baby!!!
...This just may be the finest lil' pre-fab learning center on the Web! We've got our student advisors digging in the crates and turning you onto the oldies that matter...

We couldn't afford our first faculty choice; Dr. John but bypassing the bayou barnstormer we found Professor Prophet.  Quietly eking out a living west of Mississippi and considered by some to be the 15th hardest working man in show biz today, Prof. Chuck Prophet is our latest addition to the faculty. So without further adieu, be quiet, no cussing and allow him to annoint  you with the curriculum.

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Scientifically and Succinctly Specializing in:

The Best in Rock, Pop, Country & Soul Music of the 50's , 60's , 70's, 80's and 90's...hell we'll even mention some 21st century sounds if we deem them worthy...

We're delving into the deep back catalog of the olde and new...click around and ya just might learn something...

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World/New Age

Music is indeed a worthwhile subject matter, and this website hopes to enlighten and inform on many musical mysteries of yore.  Ya may wanna get yer credit card #'s ready... as it will be hard to pass up some of these glorious artists and generally good prices...
You are about to cruise a wicked history of soul, funk, punk and rock n roll music. Sounds crafted for commerce, surviving the tests of time and embraced as art within the hearts and minds of those who could relate. What is Hip? 

We've placed the emphasis here on some of the best examples we could find of artists that broke new ground  and in some cases dug themselves in so deep that you may have never heard of them.  We explore genres lost and found, bass heavy basics and selections of sonic serendipity that no full fledged freaks collection should be without.
These wily wildmen have laid solid gold grooves down in order that we may chill, rock, flagellate and freak out to their juicy booty bustin' beats.

We must appreciate what they done done... I feel my chosen few will prep you for a life of aural appreciation...
(Truth be known: Indeed you are free to wander elsewhere and ignore my choices... Which ever way you slice it, you'll get great voices at great prices!)

Curtis Mayfield
I can't rightly explain my devotion to this soulful master's voice enough... A true innovator in the art of arrangements and subject matter.

Need I mention he has been accepted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in year of our lord 1999...

For more info click on the link below...
DV8R's Curtis page

Curtis Live
Freddie's Dead

The Small Faces
This London based band of the mid-60's left an interesting rock legacy that still flourishes today... If you were ever into The Who, Rod Stewart, The Stones, Peter Frampton,
or for that matter Blur, X or Billy Bragg...You should know how members of the Small Faces have played a role or influenced those acts
DV8R's Faces History Lesson

Ogdens Nut Gone Flake
All or Nothing

Sly Stone
This cool cat is not one to be overlooked in the history of music...His sweet funkalicious sounds have brought joy to millions in spite of his practically dropping off the face of the current musical earth...

He is apparently alive and well living in the bowels of West L.A and possibly working on some new music... But, What I've got here though is a history lesson...

Let me take you through the most productive era of his music ...The late 60's and eraly 70's
Sly's Page Under Construction
The Official Sly and the Family Stone fan site
Theres A Riot Goin On

Sublime was a unique group...The only one featured here that I saw at the peak of their creative life and are special folks to myself personally. In the few short years of their existence , they launched a punky reggae and hip hop revolution that has spawned countless imitators...

Bradley Nowell's special voice and personality plus make them stand out even from beyond the grave...

Read more by clicking the links below

keep up with the band and their current antics at my Sublime page
DV8R's Sublime Files
Debut Album now out On Vinyl!!!
Bad Fish

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