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YER Hangin' in THE SPEAKEASY..a high roller hangout...

hey the secret DV8R speakeasy is full of high rollers like yerself... hangout and absorb some insider industry info, fill out our survey or just play blackjack... Yes, we gladly extend credit to all our savvy visitors like "KEEF" Richards over there...
Now that guy is the embodiment of a "HIGH" roller, he's worth over $160 million according to British Tax Authorities...
Here's what he and a few of his buddies raked last year in the U.K, not mention their more recent financial exploits that are tucked away in secret accounts or yet to be tallied...Here's the Top 10 list of the wealthiest British rockers:
  • David Bowie, $917 million;
  • Paul McCartney, $868 million;
  • Tom Jones, $459 million;
  • Phil Collins, $367 million;
  • Elton John, $333 million;
  • Mick Jagger, $225 million;
  • Eric Clapton, $200 million;
  • George Harrison, $175 million;
  • Sting, $161 million;
and Keith Richards, $160 million...

Neysa Erbland, 24, a former Beverly Hills high school chum and daughter of the current president of Maverick Records, also reportedly testified that Monica Lewinsky played recordings of private phone messages from President Clinton.

British director NICK BROOMFIELD's controversial film KURT AND COURTNEY is finally hitting the big screen in a three-week run at the ROXIE Theater in San Francisco beginning February 27th. The biographical film, about tragic NIRVANA rocker KURT COBAIN, and his widow COURTNEY LOVE, was pulled from the recent SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL following legal threats from Love. And Broomfield was only able to get the film shown by renting out the venerable Mission district arthouse himself. But despite the fears of cinema managers, Broomfield is confident there are currently no legal claims on the film. Broomfield says, "All that's been sorted out. Anything that I felt could be contentious I simply removed." The edited parts of the film include two pieces of music, a rendition of the Nirvana hit (SMELLS LIKE) TEEN SPIRIT and DOLL PARTS by Love's group HOLE - they've been substituted with different material. But, according to Broomfield, none of the picture nor the dialogue has been cut.

Millionaire soul singer Lionel Richie who made his fortune singing romantic ballads has renounced his sappy message. in a recent interview he quipped. "I get people coming up to me and saying, `I proposed to my wife while THREE TIMES A LADY was on.' And I don't want that responsibility. They're great love songs but I don't believe in love. I've been burned badly enough to know the fairytale isn't true. Love has been no friend of mine."

Arnon Milchan's New Regency is in advanced negotiations to purchase 100% of Trauma Records, the successful imprint headed up by Rob Kahane and Paul Palmer, sources said. The label is the home of No Doubt and Bush, and has been battling legally with distribution mothership Interscope. The deal, which sources said could be finalized as early as this week, has been expected. Contrary to published reports, the deal calls for Restless Records, the once independent label recently purchased by Regency, to be folded into Trauma Records. The new entity will likely keep the Trauma name, sources said. In other related news: No Doubt recently broke off ties to former manager Tom Atencio.

Walt Disney Inc. recently acquired Mammoth Records, the North Carolina-based indie label, whose roster includes swing-revivalists Squirrel Nut Zippers, folk rocker Victoria Williams and Frente amongst others, for which Disney paid $25 million. Mammoth used to do distro-biz with Ahmet Ertegun's Atlantic label. Disney's new label president is Bob cavallo, former manager of Black sabbath, paula Abdul and even Green Day. In fact his son Rob produced their breakthrough album.

Oh, look it's a different sorta SF Bay area band, Le Idiot Flesh and their new album "Fancy". This group is unlikely to get picked up by Disney anytime soon inspite of their Insane Clownish Posse stylee...& Now Those notorious bad boys and girls from Oakland have been discussing the inevitable breakup...What?! Travelling in a beat-up old white bus that looks like it probably carted soldiers to and from home on their Vietnam stints is not their final destiny? Inside this steel coated petrol guzzling beast were stashed the props and various fantasmagoria that helped bring the stage show to glorious after life...Days spent driving, nights spent whipping up the multifarious mini-masses with Teen Devil Worshipper (their current single).

Like culture shock storm troupers, they strived to bring their heady mix of mangled art damaged sideshow and operatic proto-space metalloid fusion to outposts like Norman Oklahoma and Denton TX.
Whether you dig puppet shows or piercing, nudity or obscure mathematical theories...Idiot Flesh put out. Now they announce their cryptic demise:
While we all know that accidental silence is a mistake, the importance of deliberate silence cannot be denied.

Now, with silence in our hearts and our mouths full of air, we announce to you who have helped us pass the time these past few days or years that these will be our last shows.
"Astride of a grave and a difficult birth... The air is full of our cries." Cry. You are all Filthy Rotten Excuse Chickens.
Thank you.

Sing, your idiots ps. A record will be released of our most recent material. It will be short and good. Date City Place Fri.March 13 San Francisco, SF Transmission Theater - w/ Eskimo Check out some music samples @ their website courtesy Vaccination records.

Le French vow no mercy for soccer thugs… French judges will be on permanent standby throughout the World Cup tournament this summer to mete out instant justice and stiff prison sentences to the expected onslaught of football hooligans. Meanwhile in a much more civilized approach American media conglomerates shelled out over 12 billion dollars to our own “football hooligans” the The National Football League for broadcast television rights over the next 8 years.

Are You Concerned About Aliens Stealing Your Job?

Art Bell, the Oregon based Radio Talk Show Host has plenty of conspiracy theories bandied about on his notable syndicated program. All the serious extra terrestrial know-it-alls and several wannabees hang out at this "real audio" zone. the site features plenty of bizarre archived programs at your mouse-tip.

Punk svengali MALCOLM McLAREN is to team up with a host of rap and hip-hop stars in a bid to relaunch his own faded chart career. McLaren, who gave THE SEX PISTOLS and BOW WOW WOW a media identity, is to release an album in May which will include cover versions of his biggest hits by DE LA SOUL, rapper KRS-ONE and hip-hop maestro RAKIM, who has re-recorded McLaren's biggest hit, BUFFALO GIRLS. But the ever-verbose aging trendsetter, whose former lover and collaborator VIVIENNE WESTWOOD went on to establishment fashion designer fame, is planning a second album later in the year after his own tribute makes a dent on the music world . He quips, "History now is such a strange thing as the world goes back and forth and we constantly rewrite and see the old with the new. We can't really tell what the difference is anymore." Uh, Whatever you say, verbose old brit!

Los Angeles police brutality victim RODNEY KING is set to use his settlement cash to launch to a new hip hop label. The 32-year-old's infamous beating from the police during the 1991 LA riots was caught on video and resulted in King being awarded $3.8 million in a civil judgment. The fledgling rap producer is using the cash to promote his STRAIGHT ALTA-PAZZ RECORDING CO. The first release will be the debut album called CALIFORNIA GRINDIN' by a little-known rap group STRANDED, who King met while doing community service. Kings says, "We want to give a real positive boost to the rap market. I believe there are only two cuss words in the entire album."

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sell and publish tons of anarchist & radical books available by mail-order.
An independent news and photo agency based in Norway, specialising in reports from so-called "Third World" countries involved in people's struggles; Mexico, Guatemala, etc. A radical global report.

selection of send-ups of popular advertisements.
exposes the practices of Mcdonald's and the continuing court case - if you don't know which court case, follow the link to this page NOW

The title says it all - the Gender and Sexual Politics links section is especially good.
The UK Pirate Radio Guide
BBC Radio 1 Sessions

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808 State
Alex Reece
Alien Records
Ayman (Juice Records)
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Eat Static
wide-ranging Elvis site w/ one of the more ridiculously bizarre manifestations of The King on the web.

Fused and Bruised
Future Sound Of London
Grooverider (Prototype)
Guy Called Gerald
Hard Hands
Juice Records
Kickin Records
Liana Productions' Insane Jungle Gatherings
Massive Attack
Negativland attempts to expose the underbelly of censorship with well-documented thought-provoking, media attacks
The Orb
Ozric Tentacles
The Prodigy
R&S Records
Suburban Base
System 7

True Playa'z
Zion Train are a band; they have a page which has one of the best links sections on the web - plenty of variety, from anarchist stuff to free software and shareware. Recommended by Chumbawamba.

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UK Clubnet Directory
Royal 101 - clubs in NYC
The Dance Music Resource Pages - weekly list of new dance releases
The Hangover Square Freedom 4 Sounds Music Archive
Musicians Net
The Internet Music Monolith - A musicians contact service
Hyperreal - Techno/Ambient/Rave archive
DanceNet - Dutch dance music on the 'net
Internet Underground Music Archive
Criminal (In)justice Bill Info

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hey click on this to continue DV8ing! or scroll down further for more some wanton wizard wackiness

a    lil    info    theory    s    spread    by    the    good    wizard    of    the    square    in    christ    church    new    zealand

Transforming Physical Reality Through The Internet And Relativity Theory

As the Modern Industrial Age is superceded by the Electronic Information age, wizardry will flourish and scientists will be relegated to the role of technicians.

As God and the Church were replaced by Nature and the University so the latter will be replaced by Wizards and the World Wide Web.

From Flat World To Spherical Planet: Every school child knows that during the Agricultural period of civilization, when the priests ruled in conjunction with land owning warriors, the peasants were told that the world was flat. Since no one travelled very far the theory was not challenged.

The Ancient Greeks lived in small coastal towns and as they had very little arable land they had to live by exporting wine, olive oil and manufactured articles. Observations made by sailors about the changing angle of the sun at midday as they moved North and South, led to their understanding that the Earth was a sphere in space. Since their decentralised governments could not easily control information about the nature of the world the Greek natural philosophers were able to break the priests' monopoly of truth. At the same time their bankers and business men broke the political power of the landed aristocracy.

The Greeks invented; Capitalism - democracy, coinage, banking, wage labour, factory production, commercial spectator sports, etc. Science - the alphabet, infinite space, objectivity, atomism, reductionism, education, etc. The Modern world is, therefore, essentially an Ancient Greek creation. Nature- the Greeks' invention of Natura, (the goddess "Mother Nature" and a close relative of "Matter") was their most radical idea. Nature was the observable world and human beings became observers or voyeurs busy "discovering the secrets of Nature" and manipulating them to make money.

From Spherical Planet To Relativistic Model: Over the past hundred years many of the Greek concepts have been demonstrated to be false, naive and dangerous. The idea of an observable natural world was always regarded by non-materialists as, if not positively evil, at the very least an unprovable assumption. Almost a century ago experiments in sub-atomic physics and quantum theory (the microcosm) completely shattered the belief in an objective natural world as did the astrophysical theories of relativity (the macrocosm).

The "South Up" World An amusing but rather old thought experiment, now being found on tea towels in souvenir shops in Australasia, is the portrayal of the Earth as "South Up" thereby challenging the validity of all the atlases which show the Earth "North Up". This is of course because the first industrial societies with their printing presses were in Europe. Atlas was a Greek god. Money talks, and it says "Europe Up".

The ethnocentric arrogance of the Europeans in claiming that they are on top is particularly galling to the Chinese. The Chinese had not only invented the compass, which made navigational mapping possible in the first place, but they had for hundreds of years mapped the world as "South Up".

Incidentally the Magnetic North Pole is an abbreviation for the Magnetic North Seeking Pole as the point to which the North pole of a magnet will point. This point is of course the Magnetic South Pole, as opposite poles attract.

Since most of the world's banks, factories and universities are still in the Northern Hemisphere there has been no incentive for change. With the globalisation of the economy and the industrialisation of South America, Africa, India and Asia there is now a possibility that as independent consumers with communication skills and linked through the Internet these countries could be persuaded by me and fellow wizards to press for an international convention whereby all maps will be South Up. Of course the sun, moon, planets and galaxy would also then be South Up.

Latin Americans will be happy to put the Yanks down for a change, and Dixie can at last "rise again". Blacks in Africa can put the Whites of Europe down, The Indians can put the Chinese down, but the fiercest support would come from the nations of Islam who by supporting the standardisation of South as up would put Mecca above Jerusalem and Rome.

If it ever comes to the vote, and I am determined that it will, the numbers strongly favour South-up. Once I have drawn the attention of the Chinese government and people to this article on my web site, the days of the North-up Earth will be numbered.

And Now For My Next Trick... I Turn The Universe Inside-Out Having persuaded the nations of the world to turn the world up-side down my next spell would be to turn the Universe Inside-out. Before doing so, let me make a truly radical statement; "The Sun Is Smaller Than The Earth".

If there is no "absolute frame" observed by a single omniscient deity from an unchallengeable unique location, then the statement that "the Sun is larger than the Earth" is no longer true.

All size becomes apparent and depends on who is making the observation, what they use to make the measurement with, where they are located and how fast they are travelling relative to what they measuring.

It is more accurate to say "the Sun is smaller than the Earth" because all non-fictional observers are in reality on, or near, the Earth's surface.

Conformal Transformation The old Greek model of the Earth as a sphere surrounded by space is treated the same way as the North-up World. A "conformal transformation" is performed, this time putting everything inside the Earth outside, and everything outside the earth inside. This inversion produces a really exciting new model of the universe ideal for the new age of information.

Earthlings Unite And Transform Your Universe! The Earth now becomes a huge hole in matter, a cosmic egg, and the Sun, Moon, planets, stars and galaxies are all inside it. The Sun now goes round inside the Earth. Thus a simple vote of the "earthlings", adopting this particular model of the Universe as their conventional standard, would restore the confidence of all those depressed people who have been wrongly told by scientists for centuries how small and insignificant the Earth is and how impotent its peoples are.

You are now ready to procede to the "greatest spell on Earth".


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