The Mission Statement:  
My  Music Appreciation Society
Music is indeed a worthwhile subject matter, and this website hopes to enlighten and inform on many musical mysteries of yore.  Ya may wanna get yer credit card #'s ready... as it will be hard to pass up some of these glorious artists and generally good prices...
You are about to cruise a wicked history of soul, funk, punk and rock n roll music. Sounds crafted for commerce, surviving the tests of time and embraced as art within the hearts and minds of those who could relate. What is Hip? 

We've placed the emphasis here on some of the best examples we could find of artists that broke new ground  and in some cases dug themselves in so deep that you may have never heard of them.  We explore genres lost and found, bass heavy basics and selections of sonic serendipity that no full fledged freaks collection should be without.
These wily wildmen have laid solid gold grooves down in order that we may chill, rock, flagellate and freak out to their juicy booty bustin' beats.

We must appreciate what they done done... I feel my chosen few will prep you for a life of aural appreciation...
(Truth be known: Indeed you are free to wander elsewhere and ignore my choices... Which ever way you slice it, you'll get great voices at great prices!)- lil mike

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