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After 24 Years The Dicks Still Hate The Police ! Floyd More Years!
Now Playing: No Fucking War!
Topic: Music Reviews

Thursday night I was sucked into the pit in a leather bar
as O.G Texan commie/fag/punk band The Dicks tore the
roof off the sucker.

There was literally less than standing room, as a
sweaty mob of fans reeled and rolled across the beer
soaked floor of the Eagle Tavern. It was like a family
reunion of people without traditional families, and the
crowd included cast members of plenty decent raw &
rocking acts of the last 20 years. This isn't
surprising since this group influenced
a generation with the anger & energy of their early political

Artists such as The Butthole Surfers, Mudhoney,
Bob Mould and Mike Watt have all mentioned Gary Floyd as an
influential spirit on their work.

David Yow of Jesus Lizard was cramped in front of the
stage near Steve Koepke, the List keeper, while the safety first Jello Biafra preferred an
eye in the sky perch on a ledge above the video poker
machine. "My God, a 300-pound communist drag queen who
can sing like Janis Joplin" is how Biafra once
described Gary Floyd.

Mike Millet of APPLE/ Broken Rekids held tight to a
spot in the hairy huddle near the bar, and Jimmy &
Sothira of Crucifix played it cool by the door. The
room was a virtual Rock Against Reagan reunion, and the
patio was full of folks that never even thought about
quitting smoking, even if their mohawks were receding
and spikes a little dulled with time. Other punk
rock-n-rollers spotted amidst the mayhem were members
of The Rhythm Pigs, RKL, MDC, AOG and SPBT... (If you
need to know what all the acronyms stand for, you
probably wouldn't have dug the scene anyway).

The crowd, easily the densest I've ever seen crammed
into The Eagle for a show, was raging, rowdy and ready
by midnight. After what seemed like a long sweaty,
pushing & shoving wait, someone shouted "Quit Dicking
Around & Play !!!" Mr. Gary Floyd looked up from
studying his setlist and realized it was about time to
get it going, lest he have a riot on his hands.

Proclaiming himself "Spiritual Leader of the Universe
!", He took to the mic stand looking unusually svelte
and almost professor like, with his salty beard. Gone
are the wigs & panties with liver in them, but the
bespectacled showman still knows how to rawk a party.

They opened with "Kill From The Heart", a tune that
really got the packed room pulsing. The band played it
fierce & continued to wash the room in a much needed
dirty bath of sordid sonic history, including the great
"Fake Bands".

After a couple tunes, Gary tried to to get the
excitedly swarming mass to mellow just a little , stop
ripping at the overhanging sound cords, cease the
ridiculously dangerous low ceilinged crowd surfing, and
just be a little more gentle with each other. Gary even
had to bitch out some misbehaving thugs upfront with a
"Don't start acting punk now for the first time in 20

Threatening to stop the show, he soon tried to relax
the mob, with an intro to song that was supposed to
"calm y'all down a bit". Along came a rousing "Dead In
A Motel Room", with it's bluesy sing-along chorus of "
I Don't Know... Who I am Anymore!", where amidst the
heat and sweat of the swerving maw of the pit, at least
from my perspective, I can testify that it was indeed
true. We were just one big heaving hunk of punk.

Gary made a point to thank Doug Hilsinger and the staff
and owners of the bar, who've made music a part of The
Eagle's legacy. Where else, I wonder but under the
always warm & welcoming wings of The Eagle could such a
reunion occur? Gary introduced the band, all original
members except for the missing Glen Taylor who died a
year back, and "would've been right at home, drinking a
beer at the bar!"

The band's long torrid 24 year history came pouring out
of the sound system as the tightly packed crowd swelled
around the stage. At some point David Yow ended up on
he mic, unseen, he was singing "Wheelchair Epidemic" a
song his band Jesus Lizard had covered and
repopularized years ago on a 7" single. Amidst the
moments of thunderous mayhem and gangs of gawkers, the
Dick's onstage visages were often only visible as
ghostly white silouettes provided via overhead
infra-red security cam. Then even the view via the
upper stage right TV monitor went black in the cord
tugging chaos.

All the ol' faves were played like "Shit on Me" and
"Bourgeois Fascist Pig". The setlist looked long, but
the songs were short, and The Dicks 2004 reunion
finished with a fierce "Dicks Hate The Police". The
song originally appeared on MDC's R Radical label as a
7" in 1980 and MDC's drummer Al Shvitz was there fresh
from prison last night to usher in another decade with
the aging anthem. He hadn't seen some of these folks in
10 or 20 years, and the recently turned 50 hardcore
pioneer was obviously touched. "It's a very special
night", he said and attending it caused him to lose his
bed at a halfway house.

After the show I decided "Floyd More Years!" was the
only worthy election year chant I could be down with,
and Gary showed his approval by licking my ear.

While the diehard old school punk fools at The Eagle
were enjoying a reunion of the original commie pinko
fag band, I guess in NYC there was a party with an
altogther different flavor happening.

Isaac Hayes introduced Kid Rock to a crowd last night
that included Dennis Hastert, the first daughters and
hundreds of others at a Republican Convention / RIAA
party at NY's Avalon club.

"He's a baaaad Mutha... Fucker!" boomed South Park's
Chef voice out to the red state richies and liquored up
lobbyists who were lovin' it!.

Ironically , the white trash rapper from Michigan
hasn't always been the GOP's favorite son. Sen. Zell
Miller, the convention's keynote speaker, said after
watching Kid Rock's recent crotch grabbing flag waving
Super Bowl halftime performance, "He should be tarred
and feathered and ridden out of this country on a rail."

The grand old partyin' kids in NY apparently have
another opinion...

According to Michael Schere of Mother Jones:

Riotous applause spread through all five levels of the
club, a former church when Bob Ritchie a.k.a Kid Rock
laid out his platform "I'd give the working man back
his money and make every lowdown dirty Democrat in D.C.

"I'd give the State of the Union address flying high,
smoking a joint on Air Force one." The roar was even
louder now. "If I was president, I wouldn't have sex in
the oval office and then lie about it to everyone. I'd
put in TV cameras so every man could watch ol' Rock lay
it down."

Apparently, if the crowd response of enthusiastic
pandemonium is an indicator, this voyeuristic concept
was a well received idea by the 1st daughter's
demographic hanging in the DJ booth and the lucky V.I.P
types throughout the hall.

Me , I think I'll take "Floyd More Years"...

for some great early years pix of The Dicks in TX see

To see a short video clip I shot and edited of Gary's Black Kali Ma group in 1999 visit

Posted by Lil Mike @ at 5:20 PM PDT
Updated: 09/04/04 7:33 PM PDT

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