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Johnny Cash is just one of millions of Americans who have had to come to terms with their propensity to over medicate themselves. Drugs when used wisely in the right setting can provide fantastic recreational experiences, but don't allow them to take over your life. Many people do not know when to ease up on drug use, and become embroiled in addictive behaviors that burden their loved ones. If you are using drugs try not to make it a problem for those around you. Irresponsibility and lack of concern for others is a hallmark of the drug user who is losing control. These pages will hopefully provide some interesting info to further the discussion around this polarizing issue. Whether you advocate for weed, coke, smack or total abstinence, we'll attempt to be a helpful clearing house to learn more about drugs and their effects.
Why we bothered to put this here...
In the future, we'll be exploring the use of mind altering substances throughout history and the current political climate that has made them them the leading cause of incarceration in America today.

Illegal Drugs foster a multi-billion dollar traffickiing industry that have permeated all levels of society for thousands of years. The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Industryies rely on the drug problems of individuals to fill their coffers and prisons at levels unseen at anytime in recorded history. Millions of Americans are behind bars due, mandatory sentencing has replaced rehabilitation and rational thinking. Currently one out of every ten African American males is incarcerated, most on drug charges.

The abuse of street drugs is an epidemic in our cities, and has sprread to wealthy suburbs and rural areas as well.


Methamphetamine use went from a mostly west coast phenomenon in the 80's to a national problem by the early nineties. Designer drugs like GHB( an XTC substitute)travelled through the rave nightclub scene and have caused convulsions and death numerous times. Pot remains a staple of the weekend warrior and everyone from lawyers to lapdancers are known to smoke some ganja on occasion. The use of legal medical marijuana was widely approved by California voters recently. In Ukiah California this past April, Christopher Brown walked out of the Ukiah sheriffs station with a
half pound (227 gram) bag of marijuana.

“It’s the first time a person has walked out of a police station with marijuana legally in their hands,” said his attorney Hannah Nelson .

Recently state Supreme Court justices dismissed the government’s contention that any order forcing police to return the
marijuana would transform officers into “drug pushers” and ordered the stash
worth about $2,000 handed back to Brown.
Marijuana may be the only currently outlawed drug that stands a chance to gain legalization for personal use.

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