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This is where y'all can soak up some info about chemical culture and mind altering substances that you might not wanna know...
Why we are bothering:
Mind Altering Substances a.k.a "Drugs" have permeated society for thousands of years and at every social level. They provide pleasure and eventually pain to many of their users. Self Destruction is often the outcome for those that walk the tightrope of drug use, but their are many who lead normal and productive lives while enjoying recreational drug use. The stigma of addiction, and the inability to cope with a habit that won't quit is one of America's biggest controversies.
Currently America's massive Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Industry is spending billions on pursuing and prosecuting drug law offenders.
I hope to provide a clearing house for statistics related to the drug problem in society. Facts about the effects and damage druggs can wrack on the human body. Hopefully we can begin to understand and analyze the social costs of criminalizing addictive behavior.

Buddy Arnold founded MAPS a substance abuse program for musicians 
Brad Nowell was just one of thousands of young musicians to die of an overdose in the 1990's [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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