Grasses for Dunes

Ammophila arenaria drab gray-green foliage, spreading, good stabilizer for sandy dunes, 2-4’

Elymus arenarius ‘Glaucus’ metallic blue foliage, spreading, stooping, tolerates ocean salt & winds, flowers June-August, 1-3’

Elymus condensatus semi evergreen, green to gray-green foliage, glossy leaves, flowers 2-4’, dormant, slow spreading clumps, effective windbreak & soil stabilizer, sand & coastal areas, 3-6’

Elymus condensatus ‘Canyon Prince’ blue-gray foliage, showy flowers, drought tolerant, coastal areas, good as accent, 3-4’

Elymus mollis blue-gray foliage, creeping, dormant, stooping, flower spikes, good for coastal areas & sand dunes

Elymus tritichoides blue-green foliage, dense, rhizomatous, creeping, moisture & drought tolerant, 2-4’

Muhlenbergia rigens grayish-green, clumping, drought tolerant, 3-4’

Spartina bakeri medium green, clumping, good for backgrounds, showy flowers, 4-5’



Grasses for Deserts

Bouteloua curtipendula deciduous, clumping, drought tolerant, showy flowers, attractive for dry meadow effects, good for group planting, 1-2’

Bouteloua gracilis blue-green, extremely drought tolerant, winter dormant, clumping, small flowers give the appearance of a cloud of hovering gnats, full sun, dry rock gardens, can be mowed as a turf substitute, 18-24"

Buchloe dactyloides blue-green, creeping, drought tolerant, warm seasoned, 4-6"

Buchloe dactyloides ‘Dwarf Male’ gray-green foliage, slow spreading, showy flowers, tolerates a variety of climates, does well in clay, 4-6"

Buchloe dactyloides ‘Dwarf Female’ 2-3"

Eragrostis sp. ‘China’ evergreen, showy pink flowers, clumping, 18" (brought from China by Paul Comstock)

Eragrostis trichoides ‘Bend’ medium green foliage, clumping, cool season, showy pink flowers in late July, colder climates, 1-2’

Erianthus ravennae medium gray-green, turns shades of orange, beige, tan, brown & purple in the fall, clumping, deciduous, flower spikes, 4-5’

Festuca mairei pale gray-green, dense, clumping, cool seasoned, adapts to heat, cold, drought, moisture, rocks & gravel, good for erosion control, mass meadow planting, 2-3

Muhlenbergia dubia blue-green, clumping, showy flowers, drought tolerant, 18-30"

Muhlenbergia lindheimeri blue foliaged grass with grayish flower spikes, soft aqua blue leaves, useful in perennial borders, canyons & streamlines, 12-18"

Pennisetum setaceum light green color, deciduous in mild climates, heat & drought tolerant, showy pink arching flower spikes, 2-3’

Spartina bakeri medium green color, good for backgrounds, clumping, 4-5’

Sporobolus airoides evergreen grayish foliage, clumping, durable, persistant pink flowers, heat & cold tolerant

Stipa ramossisima evergreen, clumping, warm seasoned, showy flowers, gives the illusion of a pillar of smoke, 6-7’

Stipa tenuissima glossy green, clumping, fine textured with blonde hair-like flowers, 12-18"



Grasses for Mountain Meadows

Carex pendula evergreen, dark green color, fast clumper, attractive flower spikes, prefers shade & moisture, up to 2’

Carex perdentata yellow green, slow creeping, 8-12"

Carex remota medium green, clumping, fine textured, neat appearance

Carex spissa silver-gray evergreen, clumping, brownish-black flower spikes, become tan with age, tolerates a wide range of climates, 4-5’

Carex senta similar to texensis, dark green, 4-6"

Carex texensis evergreen, medium green, inconspicuous flowers, makes a handsome lawn mowed or unmowed, tough & durable, 3-4"

Carex tumuicola dark green, clumping, 18-24", excellent meadow effects

Deschampsia caespitosa(David’s choice) medium green foliage, bleaches to soft gray color with age, clumping, flowers spikes, drought tolerant, good ground cover, sun or shade, 18"-2’

Festuca mairei large khaki-green colored Fescue, easy to care for, excellent ground cover & for massing meadows, 2-3’

Poa arachnifera texas bluegrass,

Sesleria autumnalis rich yellow-green foliage, flowers are not showy, good ground cover, moist or dry soil, sun or shade, up to 1’

Sesleria nidia evergreen, rich gray foliage, clumping, flowers are not showy, some shade & moisture, prefers full sun, 1-2’

Sesleria heuffleriana glossy green foliage & attractive flowers, clumping, cool seasoned, upright tufting mound, good ground cover, 12-18"

Setaria ‘B’ medium green, showy flowers, excellent meadow grass, 3-4’

Tripsicum floridana medium green, clumping, moisture tolerant, 3-4’



Deciduous Grass Accents

Panicum bulbosum good yellow fall color, showy flowers, 3-6’

Panicum virgatum blueish-green with showy flowers

Panicum virgatum ‘Prairie Sky’ bluest form yet, showy flowers, 4-6’

Anropogon gerardi good fall color, foliage 18", creeping, showy flowers, moisture tolerant

Miscanthus ‘Yaku Jima’ bright red fall color, fine texture, flowers, needs room, clumping, 3-4’

Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ creamy gray, shimmery effect, variegated edged leaves, good accent plant, clumping, 5-6’

Schizachyrium scoparium light green foliage, clumping, warm seasoned, flowery spikes, turns to an orange in the fall, 2-5’



Tall Background Grasses

Vetiver zizanoides bronzy-green foliage, warm tropical climates, excellent in pots/tubs, 4-6’

Arundo formosana fine textured, slow creeping, moisture tolerant, 8-12’

Pennisetum purpureum bright green, huge 6’x6’, clumping

Setaria ‘C’ tall flowering accent, interesting winter form, 4-6’

Setaria ‘D’ medium green, clumping, showy flowers, good for backgrounds, 4-5’

Miscanthus transmorrisonensis rich green, clumping, golden spikes, good for erosion control, prefers regular water, 2-3’

Water Grasses

Phragmites australis good yellow fall color, 4-6’

Typha diegoensis slender leaved & good for accents, showy cattail flowers, 6-8’

Tyhpa angustifolia aquatic narrow leaved compact reed, brilliant yellow, slender cattail flowers, small gardens & ponds

Equisetum hymale ‘Robustum’ spreading, moisture loving, tolerates wide variety of climates, invasive, 4-6’

Scirpus validus silver-gray, creeping, good in water or damp soils, 8-12’

Scirpus californicus medium green, creeping, moisture tolerant, 8-12’

Cyperus giganteus glossy green, huge heads, clumping, tropical looking

Cyperus papyrus evergreen, good slender elegant upright growing, good in tropical climates, 4-6’

Arundo formosana evergreen, clumping, showy flowers, good in water or drought tolerant, good for backgrounds, 8-12'

Juncus pallidus evergreen, dark green, grows in water, good upright form, up to 4’

Juncus mexicanus dark green, creeping, grows in water, 18"-2’

Juncus sp. ‘Japan’ evergreen, dark green, grows in water, neat appearance, 5-8’

Cyperus textilis evergreen, good upright slender elegant growing, 4-6’

Spartina pectinata brilliant yellow fall color, grows in or out of water, flowers are not showy, graceful arching leaves, 4-6’



Shade Groundcovers

Carex-many varieties

Tripsicum floridana medium green, clumping, moisture tolerant, 3-4’

Tripsicum dactyloides medium green, moisture tolerant, 4-5’

Reineckia carnea light green, creeping, pink flowers & orange berries, 12-24"

Liriope minor finest textured, creeping, extremely shade tolerant, showy pink flowers, 6-8"

Liriope graminifolia dark green, creeping, fine textured, 4-6"

Dichromina latifolia yellow-green, slow-creeping, moisture tolerant, 12-18"

Juncus patens blue-gray, clumping, 18-24"

Juncus pallidus(Hammer’s Rush) dark-green, clumping, 4-6’

Juncus sp. ‘Japan’ evergreen, very attractive flowers, likes moisture, sun or shade, 18"-2’

Juncus polyanthemos silver-blue rush, excellent garden accent, sun & shade, requires moisture or even shallow water, arching, 3-4’ long

Juncus sp. ‘Gray Hammer’ evergreen, good khaki-green foliage, clumping, 3-4’

Acorus gramineus tolerates light traffic, good ground cover, often used between stepping stones, prefer part sun-part shade, up to 12"

Acorus gramineus ‘Variegatus’ green creamy-white variegated leaves, excellent for waters edge or shallow ponds, good for accent, 6-12"

Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’ brilliant butter -yellow, good in pots or tubs, up to 10"

Acorus gramineus ‘Pusillus’ dark green foliage, tolerates light traffic, good between stepping stones, dwarf, 3-5 "

Acorus gramineus pusillus ‘Aureus’ bright yellow, dwarf, 3"