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San Francisco, Ca- You are now one of over two thousand visitors that have scoured the DV8R Zone since it's primitive inception during the fall of 1997.
Our latest edition is the Rock and Roll Graveyard, of which you are entering now. You will find treasures of many sorts within it's haunted borders and amazing memorabilia of all sorts. The bike you can see above is actually being offered for sale exclusively through this website. It's easily worth more than the $20,000 we're asking...but maybe that's a little out of your league today. Have No Fear, there is a little something for everyone...How about a rare CD or LP?. Below we are offering a rare Grateful Dead poster proof sheet. Even if you are not looking to purchase anything, take advantage of our concentrated rock and roll link repository down below...
Once we have ya in our tight clutches, the average DV8R ZONE penetrator barely lasts 10 minutes, before they are spattered across the net. Most have left without saying hello, or goodbye...but did take advantage of our deep links...

While it is true that the links intercept and distract the visitors, including many who've disappeared within seconds of arriving, That's what they're for. Plans are underway in 1999 to expand upon this service and provide an even better launch pad. Rumors include adding even more links in a searchable database, with dare we say "portal like features", but when pressed for specifics, DV8R declined to comment.

Dr. Eagle Sperm Cannon, a self described expert on everything from New Jersey dismissed the content of Da DV8R Zone (DDZ), and said," The commercial crap in these pages suggest that the DV8R is powered by cyclic popular culture barometers and not his freakin' brain. Next thing you know there will be Grateful Dead shit in there".
The esteemed, frustrated and couch surfing Dr.Sperm Cannon was indeed correct about the Dead.
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This Site Contains:
DV8R'z Rock and Roll Graveyard Synopsis

A Chopperguys Custom Harley featured on the cover of Easyriders mag!

Dead Farewell Tour Poster Proof Sheets

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A Beatles Last Show Ticket

Sublime Last Show CD

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D V 8 R @ Altavista.Net

Buried Dead Poster Unearthed

HEY NOW!- top secret sources who have spent years devoted to the study of the Grateful Dead have unearthed an eerie link within Da Dv8R Zone. If you don't believe us, look below at what appears to contain a blurred photo of one of the last known Grateful Dead posters ever produced.



Rare Proof Sheet: A Survivor From Beyond The Grave

The graphic to the right is a heavily compressed jpeg of a rare artist's proof sheet - This design by Psychedelic Artist Alton Kelley was found recently in a Northern California storage facility. The artwork was salvaged from a Bay Area recycling center moments before it's imminent destruction. Created to promote the June 95 tour shortly before the death of Jerry Garcia, it is a classic piece of Dead concert memorabilia. The poster commemorates the West Coast leg of the Dead's final tour in the Las Vegas,Portland,Seattle and Mountain View Ca. The DV8R is certain that this offering will be of great value to collector's, as it contains 3 uncut handbills along the left hand margin, making it an extremely desirable piece. The artwork, by Alton Kelley, features brilliant blue and gold highlights and was produced as reference for color value before being officially released . After some debate, the blue was replaced with orange and the design was mass produced for commercial sale. These alternate blue posters were sent to be destroyed. Well, as fate would have it, a handful were rescued and I ended up with 'em.
you can order one by sending an e-mail to DV8R@ALTAVISTA.NET


E-mail for more info-

The poster has been printed on museum quality acid free stock and kept in mint condition and will be shipped in a sturdy poster tube.

- DV8R

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