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CITIZEN FISH "Gaffer Tape" The veteran UK ska-punk band goes on tour around the planet, video camera in hand! Much more than just another live video, this has snippets of their performances embedded in all the things that touring bands encounter, with interviews, punks from Poland to New Zealand, scenery, music and more, expertly edited to give a wide-angle, band's-eye view of touring. 47 minutes.

VHS  $19.99

item SU-CFGT 01-3

CASH, Johnny "The Man, His World & His Music"
A 90-minute "fly-on-the-wall" documentary shot primarily on tour in the late 1960s featuring twenty-one classic songs including duets with JUNE CARTER, CARL PERKINS, and BOB DYLAN, as well as footage of the Man In Black relaxing and visiting with friends and family. Imported from Europe. Encoded to play on any DVD player.

DVD $39.99



DJ Q-BERT "Wave Twisters" Amazing Full Length Animated project that interpolates Q's Wave Twister LP scratch for scratch. The music of former INVISIBL SKRATCH PIKLZ wrist-wrecker Q-Bert and crew is run through a visual wringer by graffiti legend DUG 1, along withexpert After Effects animators/directors SYD GARON and ERIC HENRY. See the Inner Space Dental Commander try to revive the four pillars of hip hop (graffiti, breakdancing, rapping, and DJing), plus extra live footage of the Scratch Piklz( Footage of D-Styles, Yoga Frog etc. ) in action, bonus commentary and submenus galore. DVD is in 5.1 stereo with Subtitling in practically every known language from Russian to Japanese. Amazing...Cool ...A Must See.

DVD $34.99


DR. MADD VIBE a.k.a ANGELO MOORE of FISHBONE "The Yin Yang Thang" Live performances of the FISHBONE frontman's brilliant, over-the-top solo poetry and saxophone. Alsoincludes a short animated film "A Very Fishy Event" by No Doubt founding member Eric Stefani, who left the group to pursue a career in animation.

VHS $19.99

SU-AM 064V-3