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Global climate change is not an "act of god." It is human induced, and it can be slowed down.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with resources, links, ideas and the motivation to do something about serious problems that affect us all.
Do not feel helpless, as united together , we can bring about change.

You as an individual are a powerful force and once you start locally, you can learn, make contact with others and move on to whatever target you set your sights on...DO NOT BE DETERRED

The facts can seem grim and overwhelming, as the world is a very f**ked up place right now

Our planet's forests are disappearing at a rapid rate.

Our seas are being poisoned and over fished.

Our air is becoming a strange tapestry of microwaves, toxic compounds and the unknown after effects of industrial pollution, motor exhaust and chemical discharge.

Agri-business conglomerates are engaged in a conspiracy of chemical contamination, genetic manipulation and uneven distribution to the world's neediest regions.

At the center of these problems are some of the world's largest, most powerful transnational corporations and governments backed by scary military and economic forces. The collective needs of the fossil fuel industry, and military industrial complex are wiping out indigenous people and pristine land faster than anyone can keep track. This grouping of oil, coal, mining, logging, agri-business and defense industry conglomerates are responsible for most of the world's emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.
They deliberately spill the blood of millions, pollute the water table and destabilize the land in the name of higher profits all over the world.


The latest coral reef task force news flash is bleak:
"Unprecedented coral bleaching has occured throughout the Southern Hemisphere in the first half of 1998...similar findings are expected in the Northern Hemisphere."

Thousands of activists, students, and scientists believe it's not too late, and they're busting their butts to help save the reefs. To find out what they're up to, and how you can help, check out the MoJo Wire's Coral Reef Updates

below are some random links that will help provide background on many of the issues i previously mentioned during my sidebar rant...

Climate Action Network

A Global Climate Change Student Guide

McSpotlight on the Baby Milk Industry, including Nestle

Contact The World Bank PresidentNOW

Environmental Working Group Pesticides Page

Physicians for Social Responsibility on Climate Change and Human Health

The Pure Food Campaign

Environmental Media Services

Indigenous Environmental Network

The Great Boycott of the 8 biggest pesticide companies

Right-to-Know Network

Institute for Organic Agriculture

Centre for Science and Environment

Funding and Producing Documentaries

Environmental Research Foundation

Environmental Justice Resource Center

Corporate Watch

the Corp Watch Resources Page from the Corporate Backlash Against Environmental Justice.

Indie Filmmakers' Grab Bag

The Sustainable Energy and Economy Network

How Factory Trawlers Are Destroying Marine Ecosystems

EcoNet Toxics Page

Want access to the IGC ORG database?


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