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The major music industry news this week concerns the copyright protection alliance being formed by the 5 remaining major labels to circumvent free distribution of music over the internet. IBM
is involved as well in helping create the new protected MPEG format endorsed by the industry...

The other top story is the ongoing restructuring of Polygram into Seagrams following their merger.
"The new Universal Music Group, will have more repertoire, less costs, more profits and better margins,'' Doug Morris, chairman and CEO of UMG, told Daily Variety. Morris will gain those profits at the expense of over 3000 job losses mainly in the stateside Polygram operation. The first to go were Island CEO Davitt Sigerson and Mercury Group CEO Danny Goldberg.

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Waycross : debut CD out now!
San Francisco California based band Waycross has just released their debut CD and it's our featured title this month...
swing low with sweeping rock in their unique PJ Harvey meets Loretta Lynn style

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