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More Late 98 DV8R Muzik News

The first single from REM's new album "UP" will be called "Daysleepers" , a reference to those that move and work by night. You can order it via this link here at CD NOW

Frequent flannel flyers will rejoice with the release of Son Volt: Wide Swing Tremolo(Warner Bros). The third album by the alterna-hick scenesters featuring 14 new tracks written by frontman Jay Farrar.

Seattle super sonic sludge-meisters Mudhoney are back with: Tomorrow Hit Today (Reprise) Recorded in Seattle with quasi-legendary producer Jim Dickinson(The Replacements, Big Star).
Read a brief Jim Dickinson Biography

the irrepressible P J Harvey will begin three weeks of North American concert dates on October 20 at Seattle’s Show Box to promote her latest album "Is This Desire?" on Island.
It was recorded in London during 1997/ 98 and features all new tracks written by Ms. Polly Jean Harvey, produced by Flood and Polly and engineered by Head, with musical contributions from folks like Mick Harvey (The Bad Seeds), and Joe Gore (Action Plus,Tom Waits). The tour lineup is as follows: Harvey will play guitar, and will be backed by Eric Drew Feldman (multi-instrumentalist and former Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu and Pixies band member), John Parish (guitarist and collaborator with Harvey on the 1996 album ‘Dance Hall at Louse Point’), Rob Ellis (drummer and long-standing Harvey cohort), and Jeremy Hogg.



  • 20th Seattle, WA Show Box
  • 22nd San Francisco, CA Warfield
  • 24th Los Angeles,CA Wiltern
  • 27th Minneapolis, MN First Ave.
  • 28th Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
  • 30th Toronto, ONT The Warehouse
  • November
  • 1st Philadelphia, PA TLA
  • 2nd Boston, MA Avalon Ballroom
  • 4th New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
  • 6th Washington, D.C. 9:30 Club
  • 8th Atlanta, GA Roxy

For fans of electronica turntable collage genre spawned by acts like ColdCut and DJ Shadow, a new release is out that should please the discerning aural adventurists amongst us.U.N.K.L.E. Psyence Fiction

UNKLE: Psyence Fiction (Mo Wax/London)
This collaboration between DJ Shadow, Mo Wax founder James Lavelle, and several of their funky friends is one of the year's most eagerly anticipated release. Like Shadow's critically acclaimed sonic adventure Endtroducing, the space-themed "Psyence Fiction" brims with cool cuts, scratches, and samples, that ricochet through the speakers in symphonic glory. Highlights include dialogue from a vintage toy commercial for a game called Ball Buster. The eclectic roster of guests includes the Verve's Richard Ashcroft, who takes vocals on "Lonely Soul"; the Beastie Boys' Mike Diamond, who raps "The Knock (Drums of Death Pt. 2)," which also features the bass playing of Metallica's Jason Newstead; Radiohead's Thom Yorke, who sings "Rabbit in Your Headlights"; plus others.

Jon Langford has been busy and awash in musical projects and beer this year. Checkout his new and mighty Skull Orchard if you get the chance, and of course it's hard to forget his musical mainstay The Mekons. The Mekons new album, "Me" finds the band still banging out bittersweet cynical jibes, and furious fits of lyrical irony.

[Me Cover Art]

My fave track is "Belly To Belly" which comes with special in cocert audience dancesteps and has pissed off a few pickle faced purists for it's overt childishness. Lighten Up you losers! Like Ol' Langford would give a flying fuck if yer proper pose is unaligned with his vexing vision. Live the Mekons are still as joyously sloppy and magnificient as when I first saw 'em over ten years ago. In fact they've been around longer than Foreigner, it's just they never figured out how to mix mangled marxism and radio play. Langford, keeps on chooglin' and has been living in Chicago for several years now and teachin' his midwestern neighbors a thing or two about good ol' american twang via the cowboy on acid antics of the Waco Bros. They plow through a corn filled set that reaches it's penultimate moment with the tune Do You Think About Me?; their quasi rawk anthem.

Just when you'd figure that's enough to keep an aging bloated ego busy, up comes Skull Orchard. This is the sort of blistering combo that will put a spell on you and grind through them fancy free, balls out shenanigans that make grown men pile into vans and face financial uncertainty in unfriendly environs night after night til they're too old to care. Gawd Bless Em! I swear they saved my life a few months back when some other Chicago area so-called musician art fart named Jim O'Rourke was playing with his e-mail or something and just boring a full room of electronica wannbees across town at $12 a head. I fled and finally found a half full barroom on the lonely side of town rocking out to the glorious sonic stomping of T-Rex's "20th Century Boy" provided courtesy Skull Orchard. Showboatin' Bassist Alan Doughty, also in the Waco Bros and formerly of Jesus Jones kept everything entertaining in traditional shiny shirted fashion. At once all that is precious and pertinent about the live rawk thang came regurgitating back to my ears via this militant honky tonk and roll and redeemed an otherwise lame and disheartening musical night.

[Skull Orchard Cover Art]
P.S fuck that Jim O'Rourke and his droll intellectual snooze fests. Keep your fucking lap top backstage and stand up everyonce in awhile, it helps get the ol' circulation going you boring fat fuck.

Read Franklin Bruno's Skull Orchard Review in Puncture

Those Cleveland born showmen of yore TheAfghan Whigs have moved over to Columbia/Sony and are releasing a new album called "1965".

AM Radio (roughly 20% of all broadcast listening) is making a slight comeback with popular programming that is often conservative talk shows ala Rush Limbaugh or Dr.Laura.
The highest rated AM listening audiences are San Francisco (27.6%), San Diego (24.8%), and St. Louis (24.7%).