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Black Crowes Discography
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"Midnight From The Inside Out"
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1990-99-Greatest Hits
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By Your Side
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Three snakes One charm

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Southern Harmony & Musical Companion


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Shake Your Money Maker

Since bursting forth as the saviors of Southern Fried Rock in the early nineteen nineties, the Black Crowes have weathered more than a decade of trials and tribulations...

Chris Robinson, joined by his younger brother Rich come from a family with a music industry background, but these brothers brought a talent that was far more valuable than their father's connections...The boys created a 5 man electrical band setting their own course into the rock pantheon.

Chris Robinson comes off on their debut sounding a bit like Faces era Rod Stewart while Rich gets in plenty Allman-esque licks. The entire production all handled professionally behind the mixing board by George Drakoulias  ."She Talks To Angels" was the single released off the "Shake Your MoneyMaker" l.p by Def American records in early 1990 and garnered enough radio play and MTV exposure to get the Black Crowes started on a long twisted road. Their version of Otis Redding's live show staple "Hard To Handle" set the tone for the raucous live shows with the ever so skinny Robinson brothers vamping it up onstage. Playing over 300 shows on the road got the band revved up, junked up and ready to record their followup album  "Southern Harmony and Musical Companion".

They slowly mutated into a disheveled hedonistic combo. Looking drugged & haggard on Saturday Night Live, the rumors circled of impending doom in their camp. Fights, drug problems and other tales of woe dogged the boys and it was several years between releases. The Amorica disc, noted for it's controversial panty shot cover yanked from an old Hustler magazine brought the band to face the mid nineties and a period of declining rock withdrawls. The disc itself  featured the silouette of an opium poppy with a hook jutting out and the music featured a band obviously starting to fray at the edges. During this era they are noted for playing a huge Marijuana Legalization movement concert in Atlanta attended by over 100,000. The hits though stop coming and Chris Robinson looks ill...

Bearded hippie jam rock tours soon followed and despite their commitment to the scene, the band creates music that propels them further into niche territory. Undettered and unlike other members of the class of 1990, they refused to either disappear completely. The Crowes have hung tight to their respect for soul, their fans and the golden age of rock. As 70's style rock n roll fades further into history and electronica, ska and pop punk dominate the youthful airwaves...this simple band with a love for the blues refuses to fade from public conciousness.

Truly one of the last great American rock bands, what they lack in originality they make up for in commitment. They cemented their reputation as road warriors by joining forces in 1999 with the legendary Led Zep guitarist Jimmy Page and releasing the dbl CD set  "Live At The Greek"

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Still producing worthwhile tunes, this traditional boys club is mixing music like a strong cocktail. The band artfully combining bits of classic flavorings from all over to produce a heady brew. Now even immortalized in an obligatory box set, the Black Crowes now with a new lable are certain to not to be ignored as the 21st century unwinds...